Monday, 7 April 2008

Current game standings

The sad demise of movie legend Charlton Heston brings new names to the leaderboard. If you are one of the four who have scored points this week, you are entitled to replace your celebrity stiff with a new potential victim. Email me or leave a comment.

Despite his recent illness HRH The Duke of Edinburgh remains off the prohibited list. The man is immortal, and making a mockery of this game.

20 - John

10 - CCB
10 - Jackal
10 - Kolonel
10 - Sim-o
10 - Pieboy32
10 - Robert Hart
10 - Ninjabadger


CCB said...

I'd like to replace Chuck with Albert Hofmann, chemist of LSD, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Mr S. Duck.

As Charlton Heston gets stretchered off the playing field, I think I will replace him with my secret weapon of a team-member.
I give you, formerly 2nd Viscount Stansgate, Mr Anthony "Tony" Neil Wedgwood Benn!


Richard said...

Yes, Sim-O, to some of us old enough to remember, he will always be Wedgie Benn.

While I'm here, did anyone have Mark Speight?