Sunday, 6 April 2008

Charlton Heston 1923-2008

Hollywood legend who won an Oscar for his performance in the classic Ben Hur, cementing his fame with a series of roles in Hollywood blockbusters.

As the age of the screen epic died, Heston reinvented himself, "daming them all to hell" in his memorable performance in Planet of the Apes.

Away from Hollywood, Heston courted controversy - and widespread acclaim - for his support and eventual figurehead position in the pro-gun National Rifle Association, famously declaring that the only way he'd give up his shooting irons would be to have them "pried from my cold, dead hands". A specialist team is doing just that as we speak.

Star, patriot, shooter. Dead.

Scores points for CCB, Jackal, Kolonel and Sim-o. Updated scorecard will appear later.

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Ricardipus said...

American gun-loving twit. I'd deduct points for that.